MH Ballast -  175W - M57 - 5-TAP - 500K -

MH Ballast - 175W - M57 - 5-TAP - 500K -

  • $50.00

Universal Lighting’s Multi-5™ is the industry’s first five-voltages-in-one, high intensity discharge (HID) magnetic ballast family which offers these innovations:

  • Smaller, lighter design
  • Color-coded leads for easier installation
  • New easy-ordering catalog nomenclature
  • Improved temperature performance
  • No plastic pieces (extrusions)
  • No exposed live metal parts

Multi-5™ line takes the popular quad ballast design (120, 208, 240 and 277 volts) and adds 480-volt capability. That ensures you always have the right voltage HID ballast for every metal halide and high pressure sodium application. The versatile Multi-5™ is ideal for a wide range of HID applications, including large retail stores, sports arenas, parking lots, and roadways.