PHILIPS-458430- LED CFL Lamp - 4-pin G24q or GX24q - Vertical Mount - Non-Dimmable -4000K - 10.5PL-C/T LED/26V-4000/IF/4P-10

  • $10.80

Philips vertical mounted PL LED lamp is a plug 'n play LED replacement for CFL downlights with a 4-pin G24q or GX24q socket. No need to rewire any ballasts, just unplug the old bulb and plug in the new for greater light output and a much longer bulb life cycle. These bulbs are likely to be found in retail stores, fitness clubs, nursing homes, etc. where the cool white color will illuminate areas for safety and provide a neat and clean feel.

  • Compatible with most Philips Advance instant-start ballasts and some General Electric, Universal, Osram Sylvania and Howard Industries ballasts.
  • Direct replacement for many 18, 26, 32 and 42 watt CFL applications. 
  • Includes a rotatable end cap to ensure the light is correctly aimed
  • Non-Dimmable. Do not use with dimming ballasts
  • Perfect for applications with frequent "on/off" switching cycles, and buildings that desire to be mercury free
  • Instant on, no flicker or buzz
  • Emits virtually no UV rays or IR

 Duplicate - 10.5W 

LED LAMP - 10.5PL-C/T LED/26V-4000/IF/4P-10  - Non-Dimmable  - 4 Pin -  Vertical - 4000K - G24q - LED Bulb - Case of 10 - 

Philips 458430 - GX24Q-3 (4-Pin) - Vertical Mount - 4000K - Single

Philips 458430 - GX24Q-3 (4-Pin) - Vertical Mount - 4000K - Case of 10

LED CFL Lamp -10.5W -  4 Pin -  Vertical Mount - Non-Dimmable -4000K -