PHILIPS CFL 40W 3500K PL-L-40W/835/4P/RS/IS PHILIPS 300434

  • $7.00

Philips PL-L 40W/835/4P/RS/IS Compact Fluorescent Lamp 40W PL-L 3500K
Philips 300434

Philips 30043-4 (PL-L 40W/835/4P RS/IS) compact fluorescent lamps provide significantly lower operating costs thanks to their 10,000 average hours of life, which is more than double that of a standard incandescent. This 4-pin, 2G11 base CFL operates at 40 watts and emits a wonderful halogen white 3500K color temperature. Use these lamps for general-illumination ceiling luminaries in retail, hospitality, and office applications demanding higher lighting levels.