F32T8 - 5000K - 48" - F32T8/TL965/ALTO

F32T8 - 5000K - 48" - F32T8/TL965/ALTO

  • $2.50

Philips High Lumen 700 Series brand longer lasting Daylight White 32 Watt T8 fluorescent lamp with 700 Series color rendering. ALTO II technology uses less mercury for an environmentally safer lamp.

  • Full 32 Watts of light output

  • Lasts 25% longer than standard 700 Series T8 lamp
  • 6500K Daylight White color is often used in display applications to simulate outdoor, clear sky conditions

  • 700 Series Color Rendering Index means objects are less vibrant than those lit by 800 Series or 900 Series lamps with CRI in the 80's and 90's providing a better representation of true colors

  • Performance - well known brand name product at competitive price