F32 T8 Ballast  - 3 L - 210-277V - IS --

F32 T8 Ballast - 3 L - 210-277V - IS --

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Product Details:

Sylvania Quicktronic® Instant start fluorescent ballast has a voltage rating of 120 - 277 Volts. It operates at high power factor and has low harmonic distortion. Ballast measures 9.500 Inch x 1.680 Inch and has a temperature rating of 70 deg C. A-rated ballast has normal ballast factor. Ballast operates at a frequency greater than 40 kilo-Hz to reduce interference with infrared control systems. Ballast features parallel circuitry that keeps remaining lamps illuminated while one or more go out.

Ballast is ideal for use in commercial, institution and hospitality lighting. Energy efficient ballast virtually eliminates lamp flickering. It features new small enclosure that allows for low profile fixture design and application. It has a minimum starting temperature of -20 deg F. Ballast is compatible with T8 lamps and can operate four lamps of power rating 32 Watts. Ballast is UL listed and CSA certified.