LED Driver - Out: 12VDC - 5A - 60W - Dimmable  --

LED Driver - Out: 12VDC - 5A - 60W - Dimmable --

  • $56.99

Diode LED DI-0913 60 Watt 12V White DC Plug-In Adapter

12V and 24V Adapters convert the AC voltage of homes and businesses to the low voltage of LED light fixtures. Converting your voltage with a DC Adapter is easy: just plug your LED lights into the 1/4 inch jack of the LED light adapter either directly or using a connectors. An adapter is the right choice if you are installing just a few light fixtures, or want to avoid making a permanent installation with a bigger, hard-wired power driver. Our LED adapter is a plug-and-play LED lighting transformer at its most effortless.

While power supplies are rated to accept a maximum rated load, for optimum performance we recommend loading a power supply to no more than 80% of its labeled rating. For example, a 100W power supply should be loaded only to 80W. Optimum performance accounts for various environmental factors like ambient temperature fluctuations and power surges.

  • Compatible Dimmers and Control Systems:  PWM Dimmers
  • Connection Type:  DC Plug
  • Environment / IP Rating:  Indoor
  • Input Voltage / Frequency:  100~240VAC at ~50/60Hz
  • Efficiency / Power Factory (max):  80%
  • Wire or Terminal Connection:  Two-prong AC
  • Output Voltage (Full Load):  12VDC ±5%
  • Max Current:  5A
  • Power (Wattage):  60W
  • # Output Connections:  1
  • Ambient Temp:  32 ~ +104°F (0 ~+40°C)
  • Operating Temp:  32 ~ 130°F (0 ~ 54°C)
  • Working Humidity:  5~90% RH, non-condensing
  • Housing / Cooling:  Cooling by free-air convection
  • Certifications:  cULus (US & Canada) Listed, UL #E339441, PSE, CE
  • Dimmable:  Yes, with compatible PWM dimmer.  Do not install more than 1 PWM dimmer of color controller per adapter
  • Minimum Load:  No minimum load required
  • Maximum Load:  For maximum longevity load the adapter no more than 80% the labeled load
  • Dimensions:  Length = 4.7", Width = 2", Height = 1.25"

Diode LED DI-0913 Plug-In Adapter With 108 Inch Cable; 5 Amp, 100 - 240 Volt AC, White

LED Driver - Out: 12VDC - 5A - 60W - Dimmable  --