LED Slim Stix - 12 inches - 3.1W - 24vdc -3000k -

  • $54.99

Jesco S601-12-30 12 in. LED S601 Slim Stix Linkable, Aluminum  - 3000K

The S601 features an ultra slim low profile design giving professionals and non-professionals alike a lighting solution to a variety of applications. High output and easily concealable, the S601 provides unprecedented creative freedom. Units are inter-connectable end-to-end and may be linked using connecting cables.

  • Designed for simple contractor or DIY under shelf lighting installations; Ideal for bookcases, china and glassware cabinets
  • Light bar shelves, wine and liquor displays in restaurants and bars, and under countertops for dramatic effect
  • Use in showrooms products displays, museums and galleries, antiques and artwork needed protection from UV and IR rays
  • For use in hotel and hospital bedrooms for armoire and headboard lighting, other cabinets
  • Size - 12 in.


S601-12/30/NED-7C1 - 3.1W - 24V - 3K - 12in - 
LED Slim Stix - 12 inches - 3.1W - 24vdc -3000k -