IMH-70-G-LF  MH Ballast    70W    M139   Leads in Back

IMH-70-G-LF MH Ballast 70W M139 Leads in Back

  • $79.00

Representing a breakthrough in recessed downlight self heating thermal protection, our e-Vision IMH-70-G-LFM electronic ballasts for metal halide lamps are designed to automatically shut down a luminaire's lamp when misapplication or fault is detected within the protector's self heating element. With patent-pending, smart-sensing, closed-loop circuitry that powers any 120V self heating thermal protector, these ballasts provide an enhanced level of protection and convenience that is unique to the market. Featuring IntelliVolt technology, these ballasts define versatility and design flexibility, operating at any voltage between 120V and 277V, not just one or the other.