Edge-Lit Exits with LED Lamps

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Surface and Recessed Mount Edge-Lit Exits with LED Lamps

The versatile EDG/EDGR edge-lit exits are well suited for any application requiring attractive edge-lit exit signage. 

Typical installations include commercial spaces such as retail, offices or medical facilities but can be applied in any space where an upgraded appearance is desired.

- EDG (Surface-Mount): Extruded aluminum (standard) or white finish lamp housing encloses all electronics. - EDGR (Recessed-Mount): Extruded aluminum (standard) or white finish canopy covers the recessed, self-contained electronics. - Clear thermoplastic panels. Mirrored separator panel to simulate clear background. (Standard on double-face, optional for single-face.) - The typical exit LED lamp life is 10 years. - Low energy consumption: less than 3 watts for A/C only and less than five watts for battery back-up (EL option). - Dual voltage capability (120/277V). - Battery: (EL Option) - Sealed, maintenance free nickel-cadmium battery delivers 90 minutes capacity to emergency lamps. - Self-diagnostic (EL Option Only) testing for 5 minutes every 30 days and 30 minutes every 180 days. - EDG (Surface Mount) - Universal surface (top, end or back) mounting. Canopy provided. - EDGR (Recessed Mount) - Top mount ceiling - Universal directional indicators. Field selected and attached. Three-year limited warranty. Complete warranty terms located at 

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Edge Light/Exit

Lithonia/EDGR/W/1/R/EL/SD/M4/Edge Light/Exit

Surface and Recessed Mount 

Edge-Lit Exits with LED Lamps